Programme Agreement

Investments in infrastructure and skills development are needed to meet international commitments and national strategies for climate change mitigation, ecosystem adaptation and ecosystem protection. To this end, the program will help close investment gaps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to climate change and mitigating climate change in local communities, implementing ecosystem management plans and monitoring the environment. The programme agreement is established by the Senior Registrar of Assistants (partnerships and academic strategic support) and the original copies of the signed agreement are retained by quality support services. Funding for this program will be provided through 11 open tenders, a small grant program and three pre-defined projects. The dates are provisional and can be changed: the contracting parties to this agreement are independent contractors. Except for the collection and transfer of payments, credits or refunds between distributors and partners or, as expressly stated in this agreement, neither Shopify nor Shopify Related is an agent, representative or affiliate of the partner. Neither Shopify nor the partner have the right, power or authority to enter into or enter into an agreement for or on behalf of or on behalf of the other Party, unless the partner expressly authorizes Shopify to act on its behalf in this Agreement. In order to avoid doubts, Partner expressly allows Shopify to act on its behalf to collect and transfer payments, credits or refunds between the distributor and the partner. This agreement is neither interpreted nor interpreted for the creation of an association, agency, joint venture or partnership between the parties, or such a relationship of responsibility. When the contract expires, the partner must stop using all Shopify creative materials and return to shopify, and the brands and logos of Shopify and its partner can no longer access the Shopify API or receive a fee from Shopify, unless Shopify has decided otherwise at its sole discretion. The sections listed here and all other parties intended to survive by nature will survive the termination of this agreement. Either Shopify or Partner can terminate this agreement at any time by informing another party.

In the event of fraud or other unacceptable behaviour by the partner or if the partner violates the terms of use, Shopify may suspend the partner`s rights or terminate the agreement without notice. Shopify may modify or eliminate all or part of the partner program at any time after the appropriate announcement. The partner cannot transfer or transfer this contract to another party without Shopify`s agreement. The EEA climate programme in Poland will contribute to the exchange of experiences and promote dialogue and cooperation in areas of mutual interest for Poland and donor countries.