New Charter Housing Tenancy Agreement

If a client`s accommodation is suspected of deliberate deterioration, his application is postponed to allow for an investigation. If the applicant has waived a new charter lease or has been released by the New Charter for reasons of guilt or other reasons, no new application is considered for five years after the date of deportation. During an application, it is likely that a client`s circumstances will change. Customers are required to inform us immediately of these changes and, if you do, simply send an email to to indicate how your circumstances have changed. If you have provided the owner`s current or previous data, we will all write on your behalf for a rental reference for you. Once we have received two satisfactory references, your application will be « live » on our waiting list. Clients should not deliberately change their living conditions in order to obtain a higher priority under the plan. Examples of deliberately degraded circumstances may be the termination of a lease and the move to another dwelling, the move to a smaller building to create overcrowding, not the renewal of a lease for the private sector. Once you have registered your application, you can start offering it. Remember that it is your responsibility to provide the requested evidence, if you delay, you do not receive an offer of accommodation.

Please offer only on the real estate you really want, since we suspend candidates who make inappropriate refusals. The need for multiple housing will not increase the priority given to an application. Requests for accommodation with Ashton Pioneer Homes are accepted by everyone in all circumstances. Our goal is to distribute all the real estate we own equitably to balance the needs of applicants with the needs of the community. After assessing housing needs, applicants participating in the plan are admitted to one of the following groups. Among the occupied tenants of social housing belonging to another R P. When an application contains a person who registers housing debts (rent arrears, invitations, court costs, etc.) with New Charter Homes, another registered provider (PR) or a local authority (LA), the debt solidarity is taken into account. If you are already a new charter and want to move, just fill out a short application form.