Murray Forbearance Agreement

As part of the leniency agreements, Murray Energy`s lenders have agreed to take corrective action due to the company`s amortization and interest payments due on September 30. This version contains forward-looking statements. A number of factors could result in actual results being significantly different from expectations expressed in this press release, including (i) market demand for coal and electricity; (ii) geological conditions, climatic conditions and other risks of the coal industry outside our control zone; (iii) Claims and disputes against us, (iv) our insurance coverage against certain debts; (v) our ability to renew existing long-term coal supply contracts or to enter into new agreements in the future; (vi) increased competition within our industry and with competing energy producers; (vii) the accuracy with which we are able to estimate our coal reserves and the value changes in our proven and probable coal reserves; (viii) the availability and pricing of mining and other industrial supplies; (ix) negotiating employment contracts, labour relations and labour availability; (x) availability, performance and transportation costs; xi) loss of significant customers; (xii) our ability to obtain or renew bond obligations on acceptable terms; (xiii) The possibility of strikes or other work stoppages at our union mine; xiv) obligations relating to benefits for workers in retirement and pension schemes; (xv) our ability to maintain important executives and attract and retain qualified staff; (xvi) the impact of future legislation and changes to regulations, government policies and taxes, including rules affecting authorization, safety and health in mines, land rights of mining operators and rights to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; (xvii) our considerable debt and our ability to meet the restrictions imposed by our debt agreements and negotiate agreements with our lenders and bondholders, (xviii) the risk that our lenders and/or bondholders will accelerate our debts after a default, including default events resulting from the defaulted amortization and interest payments due september 30, 2019. The company, on Wednesday afternoon, October 16, announced in a press release that it had extended the leniency agreements with its lenders on Monday, October 28 at 11:59 a.m. .m, except for anything else. The previously announced leniency period ended on October 2 at 11:59 a.m. .m. The leniency agreements should allow Murray Energy to continue discussions with its lenders on various strategic options to strengthen the company`s operations, improve its liquidity position, lighten its balance sheet and achieve a more sustainable capital structure that supports the company`s long-term business plan and generates long-term added value for its employees, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders. In early October, the coal company announced a leniency agreement that granted them, until October 14, payment to lenders with more than 50 percent of the outstanding loans under the « Superpriority Credit and Guaranty Agreement » and with lenders holding more than 50% of outstanding assets-based loans. In accordance with the leniency agreements, the lenders agreed not to take steps to recover Murray Energy`s debts. According to a company statement, lenders « will come to terms with the exercise of all corrective measures available to them to deal with a default resulting from depreciation and interest payments due as of September 30, 2019. » Robert Campagna, managing director of consultant Murray Alvarez-Marsal, said that if the company faced an « extreme shortage of money, » she was optimistic that lenders would accept a leniency agreement.