Warn Agreement

The Water and Water Consumption Agency`s (WARNs) response networks are made up of « utility companies that help public services » in a state, respond to and recover from emergencies by sharing resources with each other. The warns are subject to a joint mutual assistance agreement. The WARN agreement allows distribution companies to share resources more quickly compared to other mechanisms requiring a formal disaster declaration. The agreement clarifies the functioning of liability, workers` compensation, insurance and reimbursement. Other benefits include strengthening emergency preparedness and coordination and improving access to specialized resources. After notification, utility responders are usually on site within 24 hours. Each intra-governmental WARN concludes a mutual assistance agreement that best meets members` procurement needs. These agreements clarify liability, reimbursement, response procedures and joint planning efforts. Standardized Mutual Assistance Agreement (DOC) (13 pp., 112K) . If your board of directors accepts the agreement, sign the chairman of the board, the mayor or any other authorized person. It is recommended that a lawyer review the agreement on behalf of the utility company and has signed the agreement for your protection, but it is not necessary. Please note that the agreement has been reached and will not be amended without the vote of the NM WARN Committee.

If your supply company decides that the agreement is not verified by a lawyer, please enter a second signature from an authorized person, such as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Make a copy of your recordings and return the original signed agreement: A steering committee oversaw the development of the NMWARN agreement by an executive committee made up of representatives from NMRWA, NMED Drinking Water Bureau, NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and several water and sanitation systems. The NMWARN agreement was unanimously adopted by the office on 12 December 2008. As soon as a sufficient number of members implement the agreement, an assembly is created to elect members of the official NM WARN committee. This committee will then be responsible for the creation of the committee`s operating rules and an operational plan for NM WARN, which will lead its activities. At the federal level, national WARNs are being developed, which is proving to be a valuable resource in an emergency, as utilities help other companies respond to emergencies. WARN is a water/wastewater reassurable that enables water and sanitation systems to obtain rapid assistance and support from other systems in the event of an emergency.