Broadcasting Agreement Deutsch

ARD`s public broadcasters and the ZDF adopt guidelines for the implementation of Articles 3, 7, 8, 14 and 15. To this end, they consult with the supervisory authorities of private broadcasters and exchange information with them on their respective experiences in the application of the guidelines. 1. Public service broadcasters that make up ARD may jointly operate an additional television program service focused on satellite culture. Foreign broadcasters, particularly from European countries, can participate. All additional transfers by other means are subject to state law. (8) If the available premises and technical facilities are not sufficient to do justice to all those who have notified their intention to participate, television broadcasters that have contractual agreements with the event organiser or sponsor are privileged. In addition, the organizer or sponsor has the right to choose. In exercising this right, television broadcasters are first taken into account, which can provide full coverage of the state in which the function or event takes place. (1) All programs are attributable to a company issued by itself or by another company in which it holds a direct interest of 25% or more in the capital or voting rights of that company.

The company is also associated with all company programs in which it holds an indirect interest, to the extent that these companies are related to it within the meaning of section 15 of the Corporations Act and hold at least 25% of the capital or voting rights of a television broadcaster. Companies related to the meaning of the first and second sentences are considered a single company and their shares in the capital or voting rights are merged. When, on the basis of an agreement or otherwise, several companies cooperate in such a way that they are able to exercise control over a holding company together, each of them is considered a dominant company. The existence and development of public service broadcasting must be guaranteed. These include participation in all new technical means of production and transmission, as well as the provision of new forms of broadcasting.